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The California BIT 90-day Inspection

1-805-409-9774 1-888-872-4733 Ventura County and N.E. Los Angeles County  The California BIT (Basic Inspection of Terminals) 90-day Inspection “BIT inspection” is the shorthand common slang for 90-day inspections that are performed on any commercial motor vehicle (CMV) over 10,001 pounds. The current weight regulation is a recent one; up until 2016, the regulation applied to […]

USDOT/BIT Fleet Services at your location

USDOT/BIT and State Inspection Fleet Services at your location Any Fleet Operation Manager will tell you, every moment we sit idle we are losing potential revenue and customers. In today’s competitive industry it is vital to keep the wheels turning, and anything less is simply unacceptable. DOT Mobile Express® and partner MercFS provide on-site mobile […]

Safety Tips for Delivery Drivers

Offering mobile on-site 24/7 USDOT Annual Inspection services, Delivery/Logistics companies are a big part of our business. We like to think of ourselves as part of the team doing all we can to ensure a safe trip every time that vehicle is on the road.   Safety Tips for Drivers   Get off the Phone. […]

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