The old aphorism, time is money still rings true as the cost associated with moving a unit off-site for USDOT Inspection services, let alone the cost of having a unit taken out of service even for a day adds up fast.

DOT Mobile Express services allow you an easy and convenient way to stay in USDOT/State compliance. We offer mobile service at your facility or on the road, saving you time from having to transport your vehicles to a third-party inspection site. you can schedule inspections at a time and place that is most convenient for you.

With weekday, evening, and weekend service available we come to you on your schedule when your fleet is idle, saving you time, and money with little or no interruption in your daily work schedule.

Maintaining and managing a fleet of trailers in rotation, on standby, or in storage can be a challenge to keep the fleet within USDOT and State guidelines. DOT Mobile Express mobile service units carry onboard Diagnostic Equipment that tests Air Brake systems, leak-down, and Slack Adjuster testing. We also test all unit lights for overloads and short circuit issues as well as ABS lights, all meeting USDOT Inspection standards.  Those days of having to couple a trailer with a power unit for testing have ended. 

We build special pricing and develop an ongoing schedule to meet USDOT / State inspection requirements.

NO POWER UNIT COUPLING REQUIRED FOR TRAILERS as our Mobile Unit onboard Diagnostic Equipment to test Air Brake systems, Leak-Down, and Slack Adjuster testing. We also test all unit lights and even ABS lights, all meeting USDOT Inspection Standards.

 DOT Mobile Express® offers the most convenient, affordable cost-effective way to maintain your required
Annual USDOT or State required
Inspections as we come to your location on your schedule.

Offering special service and pricing for Fleet Services designed to meet your schedule when your fleet is idle.  

The DOT Mobile Express Advantage


DOT Mobile Express also provides standard vehicle inspections for customers operating non-USDOT tagged vehicles but wants their company vehicles to follow the same USDOT Inspection standards for vehicle safety and compliance requirements. 

Your vehicles and company brand reputation rely on having safe vehicles in DOT compliance on the roads and highways. We help keep you in DOT compliance by working around your busy schedule by coming right to your location, even on weekends, and after hours to avoid any interruption in your normal operation.  

Convenient & Cost-Effective, you bet!

Our on-site Mobile Inspection Service reduces unnecessary unit downtime and labor costs of transporting units to/from a DOT authorized inspection location. DOT Mobile Express allows you greater flexibility as we offer our DOT inspection services at your location, weekdays, weekends, and evenings to meet your company’s needs. 

DOT Mobile Express specializes in providing mobile on-site services to fleets large or small and to individuals.

DOT Mobile Express provides truck & trailer and other commercial vehicle safety inspections to certify your equipment is in compliance with federal transportation regulations. Your truck and trailer inspections will be performed by a qualified inspector. 

Getting Ready for your DOT Annual Inspection – Steps to Take – Checklist


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