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DOT Mobile Express® provides the most convenient and cost-effective way to maintain your required Annual USDOT, MDOT, LARA 90-day, Inspection throughout the Detroit Metro area at your location on your schedule

The DOT Mobile Express® advantage allows you to avoid downtime during your next required inspection by accommodating your schedule. This eliminates the cost and inconvenience of transporting your vehicles to a third-party inspection site and taking them out of service for the day. You can conveniently schedule inspections at a time that suits you best, thereby avoiding any disruption to your daily operation.

Our mobile service is available at your facility or on the road when the unit is idle. This ensures that you don’t lose costly unnecessary downtime during your next required DOT Annual Inspection.

The safety of your vehicles, your company brand, and reputation all hinge on maintaining USDOT compliance. Don’t put your company at risk, invite potential fines, or incur unnecessary costly downtime. Keep your fleet on the road with our USDOT Annual Inspection Mobile Service. Ensure your fleet’s compliance and safety with our comprehensive inspection service by providing service and your location on your schedule.

The DOT Mobile Express® Advantage

DOT Mobile Express also provides a 90-day preventive maintenance (PM) inspection report customized to your company’s needs and compliance policies. For customers operating non-USDOT tagged vehicles who want their company vehicles to follow the same USDOT Inspection standards, we have an inspection program to meet your requirements. 

DOT Mobile Express USDOT Fleet Services 

We offer special services and pricing for Fleet Services, as we are there on your schedule when your fleet is idle.  

Getting Ready for your DOT Annual Inspection – Steps to Take – Checklist



 313 992-0204     888 872-4733 

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Disclosure: To ensure fast and reliable service DME at times utilizes participating Licensed, Certified, and Insured Inspectors who participate in the DME Network.