Electric Trucks Require Special Maintenance

Electric Trucks Require Special Maintenance

First off, yes Electric Trucks will still require a USDOT/FMCSA, Annual Inspection, as well should your state require an additional Periodic State Vehicle Inspection. With that said, the rollout has begun so you have likely seen a few delivery units on the road with much more to come.   

Electric trucks do require special maintenance in comparison to traditional diesel or petrol trucks. Here are a few reasons why:

1. Battery Maintenance: The battery of an electric truck is a critical component. The battery needs to be regularly maintained and managed, so it performs to the manufacturer’s specifications. The battery performance depends on multiple factors such as temperature, charging rates, and energy consumption. Overcharging or overheating can easily damage the battery, thus leading to an overall reduction in the vehicle’s range.

2. Motor Maintenance: Unlike the traditional trucks that are powered by an engine, electric trucks are powered by a motor. The motor requires less maintenance than an engine, but the motor’s bearings, rotor, and stator still need to be regularly inspected, cleaned, and lubricated to keep it running smoothly and efficiently.

3. Brakes: Electric trucks use regenerative braking technology, meaning that the energy generated by the braking system is harnessed and redirected back to the battery to recharge it. The brakes on an electric truck require less maintenance and replacement.

4. Charging Infrastructure: Maintaining the electric truck’s charging infrastructure and ensuring that it is working correctly is a crucial part of managing an electric fleet. In conclusion, electric vehicles require infrastructure and maintenance programming that is entirely different from that of traditional vehicles. Therefore, it is essential to standardize the maintenance and charging infrastructure to ensure the vehicles’ efficiency and low downtime.

More information to come regarding electric transport units as we enter into a new bold world in the transportation industry, hold on for the ride.

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