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The latest USDOT inspection, on the road, and highway safety news.

Rest Stop Area Etiquette

Rest Stop Area Etiquette -10 Tips 1. Respect Personal Space: Give others enough space to enjoy the rest stop without feeling crowded. Avoid spreading out your belongings or occupying excessive seating areas. 2. Clean Up After Yourself: Leave the rest stop cleaner than you found it. Dispose of trash properly and wipe down any surfaces […]

Safety Tips when Sleeping on the Road when Traveling

Safety Tips when Sleeping on the Road when Traveling 1. Plan ahead: Before you hit the road, map out your route and identify safe spots to park and sleep overnight. Rest areas, truck stops, and campsites with overnight parking are all good options. 2. Choose the right vehicle: If you’re planning on sleeping in your […]

Now Serving the Cincinnati Tri-City Area

DOT Mobile Express® has now partnered with Onsite Federal Inspections, provide professional same-day On-Site service at your location of your schedule   YOUR LOCAL TEAM Same Day Service, We Come to You, Get a Free Quote  513 999-6067         888 872-4733 Fast Start Form  Servicing: Cincinnati, Dayton, Tipp City, Middletown, Mason, Blue […]

DOT Inspection vs. DOT Annual Inspection

DOT Inspection vs. DOT Annual Inspection can be Confusing especially if it is not showing up on the FMCSA database required by most carriers   Let’s break it down for you A DOT inspection is a thorough examination of a commercial motor vehicle and its driver conducted by a state or federal DOT inspector to ensure […]

The Benefits of Navigation Devices

The Benefits of Navigation Devices Here are some great benefits of having a GPS navigation system in your vehicle: 1. Saves time: Navigation devices provide the quickest and shortest route to your destination, saving you time on the road. 2. Reduces stress: Navigation devices help you avoid getting lost in unfamiliar areas, reducing stress levels […]

Vehicle Emergency Travel Kit

Vehicle Emergency Travel Kit Having spent a great deal of time traveling I will tell you that the weather or an accident can close a road for hours, even traping you overnight. I have lived it and simply could not move forward or backward for hours on end.     Due to events out of our […]

Passing Large Trucks on the Highway

Passing Large Trucks on the Highway When passing a large truck, what are a few things you should consider? 1. Prepare yourself. Make sure you are alert and focused before attempting to pass a large truck. 2. Check your blind spots. Before you pass, carefully check your blind spots to ensure that there are no […]

Trailer Emergency Breakaway Cable

The purpose, importance, and how an Emergency Breakaway Cable works An Emergency breakaway cable is a safety cable that attaches the brake system on trailers to the back of your tow vehicle. The cable is in place in case your trailer unhooks from your tow vehicle. If the trailer unhooks, then the pin pulls out […]

Winter Driving Helpful Tips

Winter Driving Helpful Tips   1. Slow down: Reduced visibility and slippery roads reduce your reaction time, so reduce your speed to maintain control. 2. Keep a safe distance: Leave plenty of space between you and other vehicles, as stopping distances are longer on snow and ice. 3. Be prepared: Make sure your vehicle is […]

Highway Emergency Stops – Safety Tips

Highway Emergency Stops – Safety Tips 1. Pull over to a safe area: Choose a spot out of the way of traffic and ensure that it has enough space for your vehicle. Turn on your hazard lights to signal your emergency. 2. Warn other motorists: Use reflective triangles or flares to alert other drivers of […]

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