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Providing Mobile DOT Inspections and standard vehicle inspections for customers operating non-USDOT tagged vehicles, but want their company vehicles to follow the same USDOT Inspection standards for vehicle safety and compliance requirements.

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The safety of your vehicles, your company’s brand, and reputation all hinge on maintaining USDOT compliance. The DOT Mobile Express® advantage allows you to avoid downtime during your next required USDOT Annual, 90-day, or other state-required inspections by accommodating your schedule. This eliminates the costs and inconvenience of transporting your vehicles to a third-party inspection site and taking them out of service for the day. You can conveniently schedule inspections at a time and place that suits you best, thereby avoiding any disruption to your daily operations..– The DOT Mobile Express Advantage

We currently provide service throughout Idaho, N.E. Washington, Portland Metro, Utah, and Detroit Metro.  Ventura CA and N.W. Los Angeles County mid-2023

Our Inspection Fee – DME offers very competitive pricing as a typical brick-and-mortar inspection center. The clear advantage is we come to you on your schedule when your fleet is idle. Don’t risk fines or downtime, keep your fleet on the road with our USDOT Annual Inspection Mobile Service. DME works hard to earn and keep your business with service 7 days a week.

Discounted Rate of 10% for Fleet services multiple units at the time of inspection.  The DOT Mobile Express Advantage

For a no-obligation quote simply complete the below form and one of our technicians will get right back to you.

The goal of your USDOT-required annual or state inspection is to pass with flying colors. Take the time before any inspection to follow your company’s pre or post-inspection guidelines and address any issues prior. Vehicles with an Air Brake system should follow this 7 Step Air Brake Leak Down Test prior to any scheduled inspection and we highly recommend you review the following  – Checklist to ensure that each vehicle has the following safety equipment

DOT Mobile Express works hard to be there to avoid any downtime in regards to your operation. Therefore we provide service weekdays, weekends, and evenings. 

TRAILERS – Unless otherwise instructed all trailers must be attached to an appropriate power unit at the time of the inspection to meet USDOT testing requirements.  We offer Fleet Services for other Trailer testing options.  Have unit(s) parked in a safe and secure location on a level surface. – Checklist to ensure that each vehicle has the following safety equipment

We require payment in full at the completion of any service provided. We accept check, cash, and most credit cards 

Simply complete the below online form and you will be contacted or just give us a call dispatch services 1 888 872-4733