Safety Tips for Delivery Drivers

Saftey Tips For Delivery Drivers

Offering mobile on-site 24/7 USDOT Annual Inspection services, Delivery/Logistics companies are a big part of our business. We like to think of ourselves as part of the team doing all we can to ensure a safe trip every time that vehicle is on the road.


Safety Tips for Drivers


Get off the Phone. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, talking on a mobile phone while driving reduced the brain activity associated with driving by 37%.


  1. Buckle Up
  2. Observe Driving Conditions.
  3. Slow Down.
  4. Stay Awake.
  5. practice defensive driving
  6. Watch out for blind spots
  7. Practice the three-second rule:
  8. Be prepared for emergencies
  9. Always signal
  10. When in doubt, slow down:
  11. pre-trip and post-trip inspections
  12. avoid distractions

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