USDOT/BIT Fleet Services at your location

USDOT/BIT and State Inspection Fleet Services at your location

Any Fleet Operation Manager will tell you, every moment we sit idle we are losing potential revenue and customers. In today’s competitive industry it is vital to keep the wheels turning, and anything less is simply unacceptable. DOT Mobile Express® and partner MercFS provide on-site mobile service around your schedule at key times when your fleet is idle with service at your location. The days and hassle associated with dropping off a vehicle for service and offline for the day, not to mention the inevitable up-sale call to meet a service shop quota have ended.

DOT Mobile Express® is on your team and on your schedule. Not only do we keep your fleet USDOT/BIT compliant and updated on pending required inspections. DOT Mobile Express® also recognizes the fact that every fleet has unique and special needs and schedules to meet, therefore DOT Mobile Express® molds on-site services around the needs of your fleet.

Whether at your location,  offsite, truck/rest stop, or really anywhere, DOT Mobile Express® comes to you to meet your needs on weekdays, weekends, and into the night. Simply said, DOT Mobile Express® has you covered.

Trailers on standby or in storage still need their USDOT or other state inspection on time. Our team do not require a power unit coupled as our Mobile Service Units carry onboard diagnostic equipment to test Air Brake systems, leak-down, and Slack Adjuster testing. We also test all unit lights and even ABS lights, all meeting USDOT Inspection Standards.  

The DOT Mobile Express Advantage

Call me today and let’s design a maintenance schedule that meets your service needs, and about our special Fleet Service pricing.

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