Passing Large Trucks on the Highway

Passing Large Trucks on the Highway

When passing a large truck, what are a few things you should consider?

1. Prepare yourself. Make sure you are alert and focused before attempting to pass a large truck.

2. Check your blind spots. Before you pass, carefully check your blind spots to ensure that there are no other vehicles around.

3. Look for a safe passing zone. Look for a passing zone that is clear of any obstacles, such as curves, hills, or intersections.

4. Increase your following distance. Give the truck plenty of room before you attempt to pass to ensure that you are not caught in their blind spot.

5. Signal your intentions. Use your turn signal to indicate your intentions to the truck driver.

6. Accelerate quickly. When you are ready to pass, use a substantial amount of acceleration to get past the truck quickly.

7. Pass on the left side. Pass the truck on the left side of the road, as it is easier for the truck driver to see you.

8. Stay in your lane. Avoid drifting into the truck’s lane during the passing maneuver.

9. Keep a safe speed. Maintain a safe speed while passing the truck, and do not exceed the speed limit.

10. Use your mirrors. Once you have passed the truck, use your mirrors to ensure that you are clear before merging back into your lane.

Please remember trucks have large Blind Spot Zones where they can’t see you in their mirrors, Here is a great video so you know what they can’t see  Blind Spot Zone Video

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