Vehicle Emergency Travel Kit

Vehicle Emergency Travel Kit

Having spent a great deal of time traveling I will tell you that the weather or an accident can close a road for hours, even traping you overnight. I have lived it and simply could not move forward or backward for hours on end.    

Due to events out of our control like weather, accidents, and other unseen issues when traveling on our roads and highways, you must be prepared for any emergency issue.

Most people aren’t prepared for an issue on the road, but more and more are becoming cognizant of having an in-vehicle emergency kit in the event of severe weather or other major issues when on the road.  

Every vehicle should have an emergency supply kit in the trunk. Kits should be checked every six months, and expired items should be replaced regularly.

A Vehicle emergency supply kit should include the following:

  1. Cell phone and extra batteries
  2. First aid kit
  3. Jumper cables
  4. Spare tire
  5. Tire inflator and sealer
  6. Flashlight and spare batteries
  7. Multi-purpose tool or knife
  8. Drinking water
  9. Non-perishable snacks
  10. Blankets or sleeping bags
  11. Extra car fluids (oil, coolant, windshield washer fluid)
  12. Tow rope or chain
  13. Fire extinguisher
  14. Rain poncho or umbrella
  15. Hand-crank radio or cell phone charger
  16. Reflective vest or brightly colored clothing
  17. Duct tape
  18. Gloves and work gloves
  19. Car Emergency Escape Safety Hammer Seat Belt Cutter Car Accessories
  20. Map and compass or GPS device
  21. Personal medication
  22. Food for your pet, if applicable.

Winter travel

Tire chains
Windshield scraper
Deicing fluid or spray
Heavy boots
Extra  blankets

Wow, I know it looks like a lot but almost everything you will have for a lifetime, and it can be a lifesaver for you and your family. Check online as there is a big selection out there that will fit your needs. 

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