Winter Driving Helpful Tips

Winter Driving Helpful Tips


3. Be prepared: Make sure your vehicle is winter-ready, with effective brakes, good tires, and enough fluids to keep your car running smoothly.

4. Use your lights: Turn on your headlights to improve visibility, and make sure to signal well in advance of any turns.

5. Avoid sudden movements: Sudden moves can cause skids and accidents. Instead, steer, accelerate, and brake smoothly and gradually.

6. Practice safe braking: Use gentle, steady pressure when you need to slow down or come to a stop, to avoid skidding.

7. Take extra care on hills: Slow down and accelerate gradually to maintain traction on hills and avoid sliding or spinning out.

8. Stay alert: Keep a sharp eye on the road, and be prepared for changes in weather and road conditions.

9. Don’t drive impaired: Never drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or if you’re feeling tired or drowsy.

10. Know when to stay home: If the weather is severe, it’s often best to avoid driving altogether until conditions improve.

When I hit the highway I play it super safe and carry onboard a first Aid Kit, Portable Jump Starter, Flashlights and Visibility Items, Flat Tire Kit, Tow Straps, Fire Extinguisher, Water and Non-Perishable Food, blankets, extra jackets, emergency road markers, and snow chains when needed. Let someone know of your travel plans and schedule and yes I know it seems like overkill but it all fits in a box in the trunk, after spending a cold night stuck in the snow, sure glad I was prepared.

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