Highway Emergency Stops – Safety Tips

Highway Emergency Stops – Safety Tips

1. Pull over to a safe area: Choose a spot out of the way of traffic and ensure that it has enough space for your vehicle. Turn on your hazard lights to signal your emergency.

2. Warn other motorists: Use reflective triangles or flares to alert other drivers of your presence, especially if you’re stopped in the dark.

3. Exit your vehicle safely: Get out of your car from the side away from traffic, if possible, and move up and away from the road. Do not stand or sit in your car, as it can be struck.

4. Call for assistance: Dial emergency services or roadside assistance immediately to report the incident and get help.

5. Secure your vehicle: Make sure your car is parked securely and the handbrake is engaged to prevent it from rolling away. 6. Stay visible: Always wear bright or reflective clothing to increase your visibility to other drivers, especially if it’s dark or low light.

7. Don’t attempt repairs: Unless you have the required skills and tools, don’t try to make any repairs on your car. Wait for professional help.

8. Lock your vehicle: Always lock your car when you leave it unattended. If you’re on a busy highway, lock your doors and trunk.

9. Don’t accept rides from strangers: Avoid accepting rides from strangers who offer to help. Wait for a tow truck, emergency service provider, or someone you know and trust.

10. Stay calm: The most crucial thing is to stay calm and collected in a stressful situation and to follow safety protocols to keep yourself and others safe. night-time driving can be challenging and caution needs to be your co-pilot. Here are some helpful tips when traveling after dark.


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