I recently had the opportunity to attend a roadshow open house at the Commercial Tire Fleet Center and Bandag Retread Plant in Boise. Commercial Tire has teamed with industry retread leader Bandage and the event was geared to showcase the Bandag latest technology in retreading at the Commercial Tire Fleet Center / Bandag retread plant right here in Boise.

I had jumped at the opportunity to attend as a safe vehicle on our roads and highways starts where the rubber meets the road, plus I wanted to see this million-mile retread on display. At DOT Mobile Express we pride ourselves on vehicle safety and you can never learn enough about safety, so I looked forward to the event.

After the Bandag event presentation, I enjoyed a lunch hosted by Commercial Tire and I lucked out as I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with Mac McElroy, Bridgestone Commercial Sales Manager. Mac took me along with Dylan Pike with Commercial Tire up from Mountian Home on a personal tour of the Bandage Retreading Plant, and all I can say is, wow. I had no idea about the industry-leading technology Bandag incorporates into their retread operation and it was clear why they lead the industry in retread technology. I was also very impressed with the commitment Commercial Tire makes to their customers with an outstanding tire preventive maintenance program designed to maintain the highest degree of tire performance combined with tire safety.

I have to say it has been a long time since I have been impressed and there is no doubt the Commercial Tire / Bandag teaming has clearly made our roads a safer place to be. I walked away from the event with a new appreciation and only wish they could make a million-mile tire for my personal vehicle.

Richard Van Dyke, DOT Mobile Express


About the Million-Mile Retread

One of the tires on display started life as a Bridgestone and the casing traveled more than a million miles on just two Bandag retreads.

Tour the Bandag Retread Plant

The video below is not the Boise operation but is a Bandag Retreading Center, which I believe you will find very educational.

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