DOT Reflector Requirements

DOT Reflector Tape Requirements

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Trucks exceeding 10,000 pounds and over 80 inches wide must mark their trailers with 2″ wide DOT C2 reflective tape that alternates white and red. (white looks silvery in the daytime). A 6/6 (6″ red and 6″ white) or a 7/11 (7″ white and 11″ red) pattern can be used.  50% of each side must be covered. (even distribution) In the rear, two strips must be used in the lower rear and an inverted L using solid white must mark the top corners of the trailer.  Trucks must be marked in a similar fashion.

Cridifitied DOT reflective tape is sold at truck shops, auto part stores, and on Amazon, which I find is your best deal. Look for a certified DOT Reflective Tape in the label or product description.

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Information/Guidelines DOT Reflective Tape 

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