Required USDOT/FMCSA Post-Trip Inspection


The USDOT/FMCSA Post-Inspection Reports play a crucial role in ensuring compliance with safety regulations and promoting the safety of commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) on the roads. These reports are required by law and provide critical information to law enforcement officers, safety investigators, and other interested parties. Here are some of the reasons why the USDOT/FMCSA Post-Inspection Reports are so important:

1. At the end of the workday, the driver may need to report the condition of the vehicle to the company. This inspection, required by §396.11, is referred to as the post-trip inspection even though that term is not used in the regulations. This is done by the driver submitting a daily vehicle inspection report, or DVIR.

2. Ensures Compliance: The reports provide a detailed record of the inspection, including any violations found, and what corrective action was taken. This information helps to ensure that drivers and carriers comply with regulations, which ultimately helps to keep drivers, vehicles, and the public safe.

3. Promotes Safety: By identifying any issues or violations during an inspection, the report helps to promote safety by identifying potential hazards and giving drivers and carriers the opportunity to address them before they cause harm.

4. Provides Accountability: The report provides a record of the inspection, which holds both drivers and carriers accountable for their actions. This information can be used for enforcement and to determine if additional actions need to be taken.

5. Helps with Investigations: The report can be used in investigations following an accident or incident involving a commercial vehicle. The report can help investigators determine if any violations or issues contributed to the incident.

6. Provides Data for Analysis: The report provides essential data that can be used to identify trends, analyze safety issues, and develop new strategies to promote CMV safety. In conclusion, the USDOT/FMCSA Post-Inspection Reports are an essential tool in promoting CMV safety. They provide critical information that helps to ensure compliance with safety regulations, promote safety, provide accountability, aid in investigations, and provide valuable data for analysis.

7. A Pre or Post Inspection Report needs to be completed each day of operation, kept in the unit, and made available at the request of USDOT, or a State law enforcement agency. Here is a one-page inspection report Pre or Post Inspection Report but Ideally I would look online for a truck Inspection notepad book to keep it all well organized. IMPORTANT TO ALWAYS REPORT ANY ISSUES TO YOUR FLEET MANAGER OR SUPERVISOR RIGHT ON THE SPOT WITHOUT DELAY.

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Getting Ready for your DOT Annual Inspection – Steps to Take – Checklist

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