Hotshot Truckers Highway Cowboys

Hotshot Trucker Highway Cowboys 

Hotshot trucking has become a popular way for businesses of all sizes to transport specialized time-sensitive loads throughout the nation. Hotshot truckers are a special breed, mavericks of the industry chasing sunrises to sunsets in a heavy-duty pickup truck harking back to days long past before super semi-trucks dominated the landscape. Because of the need and growing popularity, many people are jumping at the opportunity to make an extra income, whether part-time or full-time as highway cowboys.

Richard Van Dyke with DOT Mobile Express told us, “Hotshot truckers are a growing and important part of our DOT Inspection service business. Whether local or just passing through our state we are here to provide DOT Inspection services. I find most hotshots are people that are just seeking the freedom of the open road, extra income, adventure, and seeing a bit more of the American landscape. What I like is these hotshots are their own boss, picking the type of loads, schedule, and places they want to travel.”

It would seem Hotshot truckers may be the last cowboys roaming the highways, “He works in the saddle and he sleeps in the canyons waiting for summer, his pastures to change.”

DOT Mobile Express USDOT Inspection service is there for the Hotshots in need of their required Annual USDOT Inspection. Whether local or just passing through the state. Our team is happy to meet you at a rest stop, hotel, or most anywhere.

Safe travels and hope to see you on your next DOT Annual Inspection.

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