True Craftsmanship alive and well in the Treasure Valley

I just love talking up a true craftsmen, especially when they reside right here in the Treasure Valley.  John Fallis is a horseman as well as a saddle maker, and we all know how important it is to ride a well crafted and let’s not forget a “comfortable” saddle.

John made his first saddle when he was 13 years old and has been making them professionally for almost 40 years. John’s father, “Slim” Fallis trained him in the saddle making craft and worked side by side with his father until his passing in 1982. John has carried on the family tradition now for 55 years and is still going strong. John told me,  “When you buy an original Fallis Balanced saddle, I want you to ride with confidence and pride in your choice. You see, my name goes on every saddle I make. It’s a name with over 55 years of tradition behind it, since 1951. I won’t risk my hard-earned reputation on any “short cuts” or compromises. I personally make my saddles by hand from the best materials I can purchase. The result is the most comfortable, practical, rideable saddle available. It is a saddle of uncompromising quality, with lasting service, at a fair price, that the serious horseman can still afford.”

John not only makes handcrafted custom saddles he also provides any type of saddle restoration or repair you may seek. I had the opportunity to tour John’s workshop where all the magic happens and have to say, it makes you want to jump back in the saddle again.

Most riders will tell you that their saddle is a reflection of themselves, that special, reliable faithful friend through thick and thin. Well, that is how I felt and what I love about the saddles John provides, it is something you have for a lifetime and pass down to the next generation. Sadly we live in a world where things last a very short time so it is very refreshing there are people like John still out there that are true craftsmen.

To learn more about Fallis Custom Saddle made to your specification.

John Fallis Custom Saddlery


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