S & G Electric Motor Repair

I recently had the opportunity to do business with S & G Electric Motor Repair out of Blackfoot, Idaho. When I run across a professional operation I like to get a shout out as it is a relief that there are still some real standouts out there.

S & G Electric Motor Repair has been serving their clients for over 30 Years so that sure tells you something. S & G Electric Motor Repair is a leader in their industry providing quality motor and pump repair and establishes a strong working relationship with their clients throughout Idaho, Utah, Montana, Wyoming, Oregon, and Washington.

I had the opportunity to tour their Blackfoot, Idaho operation and was very impressed. S & G Electric Motor is one of those company’s that makes Idaho a great place to be proud of.

(208) 785-5121
Toll-Free in Idaho: (800) 339-5121 

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