A new way to get your DOT Inspection done

DOT Mobile Express offers a refreshing alternative way of keeping up to date on your annual DOT Inspection. For most commercial vehicles an annual DOT inspection is required. What that can mean is that a motor vehicle is pulled off the line waiting in-house or off to the local truck specialty shop. The latter means dropping off a vehicle and likely half of a day out of action, which simply is not acceptable in a competitive world.

DOT Mobile Express has just eliminated any downtime as one; they come to your location and two; they work weekdays, weekends and evening so your vehicles don’t miss a beat with no downtime. Another big advantage with DOT Mobile Express is you don’t get the dreaded up-sell call that we get whenever we seem to drop off any type of vehicle even for the smallest routine service.

The moral to this story is to keep the wheels turning with no downtime, no up-sell as we are all tired of that dog and pony show.

Next time your annual DOT Inspection comes up for renewal simply call DOT Mobile Express, and they are on the way.

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