DME Offers New Services

Forging new partnerships to provide services to meet our client’s needs

DME has teamed with Conquest America and Blueline Services to provide a growing suite of vital services. We know picking the right driver employee or IC can be overwhelming and time-consuming. You can now access driving records along with a detailed Pre Employment background search, drug testing, via 24/7 access all at your fingertips. For those who have, or are growing their business model and trying to navigate all the DOT policies, guidelines, and procedures we offer DOT Consortium Management Services so you can keep focused on the important daily operation of your team.

Richard Van Dyke with DME told us, “These new services we are introducing are a real natural for us as our core mission is the safety of vehicles on the road, drivers, operators, and helping clients meet all DOT policies and procedures.”

Overview of new services

DMV / CDL Driving Records

Pre-Employment Backgrounds searches and Drug Testing

DOT Consortium Management Services


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